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Refinishing Wood Window Frames Minneapolis MN

Refinishing Wood Window Frames Minneapolis MN

Historic Wood Windows are Designed for Easy Repair

Traditional window wooden frames are exposed to the harsh Minnesota weather elements that may cause aging and cracking over time. Glazing material on your windows may be showing wear and tear. As a result, water typically manages to penetrate through cracks and gaps. We offer both refinishing and painted options to protect your wood windows frames from sun, rain, dirt and much more.

William Nunn exterior painting contractors offers professional window wood finishing and painting repair services beyond just refinishing and painting. We provide home improvement solutions for worn out or just plain tired windows for homes throughout the Twin Cities area. Our professional contractor services range from small home window repairs to large home renovation projects.

Often a home owner who ventures out to paint a window sash quickly finds that it is not as simple as they thought. There are skills for color placement on a window. Gain the benefits of our years of experience deciding whether or not to use epoxy fillers or alternative methods for wood window restoration. Every home is unique. When considering if new windows are an option, it is best to know that they are designed differently. When trying to tie them into other historic window wood frames on your home, their construction is often difficult, if not impossible, to work with in order to achieve the result you expect. As experts in Twin Cities painted wall surfaces, we recognize the difference and learn how to make it work.

Read more about our work restoring homes with the highest quality work that produces outstanding results in the Minneapolis / St. Paul extended area.

Importance of Routine Window Repair and Upkeep
Refinishing Wood Window Frames Minneapolis MN

Know the importance of routine window upkeep and repair to prevent air problems, water leaks, or window deterioration due to pests from damaging your home. Home window repairs will also protect your property against mold growth, potential pest intrusions, and improve your home heating and cooling bills.

We offer solutions for any painting, wood finishing, and repair job for your home.

Minneapolis house painters protect your homeInvest in your home’s value and appearance by calling us today for a free consultation to refinish your windows. Contact Bill Nunn, your Minneapolis professional painter of choice, by calling 612 825-3875 and schedule your free consultation.

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