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Repairing and Painting Window Casements

repairing and painting window casements

Before: repairing and painting window casements on historic Minneapolis homes, the windows are exposed to deterioration without a fresh coat of paint. The window frame and casement are vulnerable to weather and animals who may seek to inhabit in the open cracks.

Finding replacement parts before painting your home can be difficult. Even homes under ten years of age may find that the hardward used on doors is no longer stocked. William Nunn exterior painting professionals may well be able to locate the make and model of the window casement unit on your behalf. We make a full and professional to restore, repair and return window casements on historic Minneapolis homes to as good as new.

Painting Your Window Casement to Look New Again

You need not feel overwhelmed with the work required to get your wooden windows functional and looking attractive again. We can also help you when it comes to choosing and painting new wood storm windows to match. When needed, we can help you find best options when going about replacing and repairing missing hardware or window parts.

Take a look through our website. . Contact us at 612-825-3875 if interested in scheduling your personal consultation. We would love to help.

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