Painting Your Home Exterior for a Sellers Advantage

Painting Your Home Exterior for a Sellers Advantage

Painting Your Home Exterior for a Sellers Advantage

Are you wondering if you should paint your house to increase its resale value?

You want to give prospective new homeowners a sense that your property is well maintained. Depending on the quality of your paint job and the local real estate market, many have gained a considerable return on their investment at the point of sale.

Whether you choose your paint your home’s exterior in a soft dovetail gray-white or opt for a bolder exterior paint color, our Minneapolis exterior painting professionals offer consultation on the new color of your house to ensure you love it. Our complete exterior painting services ensure that this backyard is now in step with the front of the homeowner’s lovely home. Our thorough preparation of all surfaces helps keep your home’s wood from taking on water, which minimizes expansion and contraction and prevents moisture from migrating through the home’s exterior.

A recent survey led by the National Association of Realtors reports in its 2021 Profile of Home Staging that 63 percent of real estate agents recommend painting prior to selling. Home buyers may overlook other imperfections in a home if they know they won’t have to repaint immediately upon moving in.

Gain a Seller’s Advantage – Paint Before Selling Your Home

Planning well in advance for seasonal outdoor parties and family times at home can start today with a full exterior painting project consultation. Then when you want to sell, your seller’s to-do list will be much more manageable. Exterior home painting projects can be accomplished in stages so that it fits your schedule and budget. However, it may be done swiftly, like in one or two setups, and will be the best solution for presenting your home’s best features.

We also paint the sides of exterior trim with your choice of house color to ensure a “finished” look and to better seal your home’s envelope. While many home painting touch-up projects may help a home initially show well, our skilled approach offers ongoing painting maintenance that avoids potential problems.

Prepare Your Homes Curb Appeal To Sell or Enjoy for Parties

Looks are important, especially when great curb appeal helps sell a home.

After a long Minnesota winter and spring thaw, your backyard may not be ready for home showings or for home entertaining. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior will do more than anything else to set you paces forward! We can help you prepare for your Twin Cities home for sale or to enjoy it yourself for years to come.

“Most of us form an opinion about someone or something within the first 15 seconds of acquaintance, and this will hold true for your home. This first impression lasts; for better or worse, it takes a lot to convince people their initial impression was wrong. You never want to create the impression that a residential structure will require a lot of work, but a poor paint job will do just that. An exterior with a quality coat of paint, in a color that blends with the neighborhood, will instantly add value to your home.” – Green Residential – How Important Is Paint When Selling a Home?

Additional Seller’s Advantage after Painting a Home In Preparation for Selling

One additional plus, though it’s perhaps a minor advantage of painting your home before you sell, is that it not only masks and encapsulate old smells, your home simple is better! Musty smells from unwanted moisture in a wall’s surface are properly treated. So, the end result is less about “hiding” something and more about truly taking care of the home. You want to hand the keys over with pride that you’ve properly taken care of possible issues.

Something to consider: Increasing the value of your home for a better resale isn’t the only reason to consider repainting. Perhaps you will change your mind, or you have no plans to sell; in which case an upgrade like fresh paint can give a bright new look to your living space. Because it’s your home, that’s priceless.

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