Certified Painter Fine Paints of Europe

Certified painter for Fine Paints Of EuropeAn Introduction To Fine Paints Of Europe

William Nunn was first introduced to Fine Paints of Europe by a client, who had moved to the Minneapolis area, requested that he use none other for the results she had been so pleased with at her east coast residence. The paint coatings are manufactured in Holland by Wijzonol, the largest privately owned paint manufacturer in Europe.

The Fine Paints of Europe Master Painters designation is for tradesmen and women that have demonstrated a level of craftsmanship and professionalism that clearly separates them from most professional painting contractors. It’s a distinguished recognition for painters and decorative artists who enjoy making their living by exceeding customer expectations.

Discerning Clients Demand For High Performance Paint

Bill Nunn, owner of William Nunn Painting, says “The paints are simply the best quality to work with, come in an unlimited range of exceptional colors, including Eve Ashcraft colors. Fine Paints of Europe are now readily available at Excelsior Paint and Design in Excelsior, Minnesota’s only retail supplier.” A well-applied coat of high quality paint protects your home by giving it a longer lifespan.

A Paint Job With Fine Paints Of Europe Insures:

1) paint coatings that contain no fillers

2) excellent depth of color

3) dramatically more coverage per ounce of paint

4) a longer-lasting, more durable painted surface that lasts two to three times longer than other paints

5) advanced low VOC waterborne coatings

6) finest traditional enamels and varnishes

Complimentary Help With Color Selection

Usually, one of the first things William does after introducing clients to this line of paint offers a consultation that will help prudent homeowners to select the right color for their home. Both Fine Paints of Europe and William Nunn Painting provide complimentary professional color advice and maintenance support to clients.

Thorough Knowledge Of Fine Paints Of Europe Range of Coatings

“I am looking forward to learning more about this line of special paints from the people who know them best, and meeting a select group of painters, like myself, who have been invited to participate. Having used them for several years now on both exterior and interior applications, I expect to gather a broader knowledge of the coatings to share with the many Twin City homeowners which I service,” comments William Nunn.

Certified Painters Program

Fine Paints of Europe established the Certified Painter’s Program in order to provide American homeowners with a source of carefully screened contractors familiar with the entire range of Fine Paints of Europe paints and primers. William Nunn Painting was nominated and confirmed to be a professional of good character who has worked with Fine Paints of Europe for over fourteen years with a high level of client satisfaction.

Interior and Exterior Dwellings

For more than 40 years, we have brought our personal touch to Twin Cities homes and commercial properties, specializing in interior and exterior painting, wallcoverings, and wood finishing. As a well-trained painting professional, Nunn has achieved the best results in both paint beauty and durability in some of the most distinguished Minneapolis homes. Contact William Nunn Painting or call 612 825-3875 to schedule a consultation.

Read more about William Nunn Painting as the first First Minnesota certified painting contractor for Fine Paints Minnesota certified painting contractor for Fine Paints.

BBB accreditedWilliam Nunn Painting is a member of the Better Business Bureau and was nominated for their Integrity Award in 2008.