Prairie Style Home Exterior Painted

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis prairie-style home painted by William Nunn PaintingPrairie Style Home Exterior Painted by William Nunn Painting

The owners of this beautiful Lake of the Isles MN home are very particular about color. Having a strong eye for designing themselves, partnering with William Nunn Painting for an updated home exterior produced outstanding results.

The client desired a custom prairie style update to their home on Lake of the Isles. The interior walls of the home were finished to incorporate a composition of many interrelated elements that showcase the home’s open spaces. The exterior of the home is perfectly balanced with brick, beige color tones, and wooden window frames that complement the natural characteristics of the site.

This lovely home is decorated for more modern tastes and fits its surrounding gardens and lakeside views. Its curved window frames really caught the eye of the beholder. Being a beautiful home situated on a Twin Cities lake is a clear advantage to the homeowner. The careful attention to detail is evident from the wood trim of the windows to the coordinating choice of paint colors.

The stunning brick wall surfaces of this home display the home’s long windows with an updated Minnesota prairie home style!

Painted the Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis home of artist Skip LipskyExceptional Lake of the Isles Home

Homes with unusual architectural features, whether floor-to-ceiling windows or arched ones like this, allow an abundance of natural light to stream into the home. The warm earth tones used when painting this home’s surfaces are the ideal backdrop for its artwork and other featured belongings.

Driving around one of our many lakes, residents in the Twin Cities love looking at all of the beautiful homes. They often inspire a love for the historic preservation of a stately older home, or give inspiration to other homeowners for their next home renovation project.

William Nunn Painting contractors are experts in understanding how each home can best align its painting project and design to best complement its location.

The Lake of the Isles Park neighborhood averaging 5.5 million visitors a year; people from all around the world and all walks of life enjoy visiting the Isles’ picturesque beauty.

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