Victorian Home Transformed in Seven Paint Colors

Preparing Your Victorian Home's Surfaces for Painting

Victorian Minneapolis Home is Transformed in 7 Paint Colors

The Ability to see how multiple exterior paint colors will present themselves upon completion takes an experienced eye.

William Nunn Painting Contractors are skilled in paint selections and blending coordinating shades of paint colors. The exterior was restored and transformed in seven colors, researched by William Nunn, in collaboration with the owners. Once you have invested in a quality paint job, you will want to schedule routine care and maintenance; your paint protects your home and is a worthy investment. Many a Victorian home transformed on Summit Ave in Minneapolis stands tall today and smartly boasts of multiple paint shades that maintain the grandeur of the past.

Some may wonder how so many variations of paint colors can come together so beautifully. When unsure of how to using paint color inappropriately, gain professional advice. Our team of professional Twin Cities house painters helps homeowners make color choices every day. It is natural with us because we are around it every day and have years of experience seeing how paint color themes relate well together.

Paint has proven to be the least expensive and best-decorating product many a homeowner can purchase to dramatically change the look of their home. By partnering with us to complete your next paint project, any color anxiety can be overcome. We want you to be pleased with your choices. Our reputable décor eye for distinguishing between many home wall surfaces, the outcomes of color choices, and what flows together to make a home statement can ensure you it will turn out as you want it to.

Different Paint Colors Fix a Home’s Elements Harmoniously

Once homeowners are able to envision what the end results will look like, they find it inspiring and often opt to go with more eye-catching exterior paint color schemes. William Nunn’s experience and expertly trained eye can offer current and prospective clients personal advice when choosing how to paint and care for their homes.

If you are finding yourself indecisive when considering what seems like an infinite number of paint color and texture combinations, gain a professional’s opinion to ensure that you opt for something that will enhance your home. Selecting 7 exterior paint colors may have seemed daring at first, but was beautifully blended at completion. When choosing your new outdoor color palette, variances of the same color can offer depth and a more sophisticated style.

Our top Minneapolis house painters can help you know what to take into consideration as you select exterior colors. Together, we will consider undertones between them that might please your palette. Whether a warm shade of color (beige, khaki, brown, and rust) or a cool choice (gray, blue, and black), the best paint color choices can fix elements together in a harmonious way.

Multiple Exterior Paint Colors Offer Eye-catching Accent Color

Multiple home exterior paint colors are often applied to larger wall surfaces and work to offer contrast. A home painted in a single color often comes across less interesting without the accompaniment of one or more additional darker to lighter paint colors.

When painting their home’s exterior, often homeowners instinctively perceive the need to create an exterior color scheme using more than one or two colors. Frequently, they select three or four paint colors – one for the siding or wall surface, a contrasting one for the trim, and an additional color or two for interesting architectural features such as shutters and doors. A unique front door look often is achieved by its having its own unique color treatment.

Owners of Victorian homes, or other highly ornate houses, may choose color schemes that employ even more colors, like this one. Each of seven colors is used to good purpose to highlight its architectural details that might otherwise escape the eye’s appreciation.

Chosing the Best Colors for Minneapolis Home Exteriors

Whether you want to go with three, four, or seven colors combined with grace and coordination, we can help.

If you own one of the Twin Cities’ fine Victorian homes and are ready to consider a highly complex color combination involving five or more paint colors; we’d love to be your own color specialist. Our team of Minneapolis Victorian home painting professionals has a lot of experience in this particular style of architecture. We work using the highest-quality tool needed for the best outcome. This including the applicators, primer, paint, paint thinners, colorants, and much more. Keen consideration is given to the surfaces you want to be painted; from there, we choose those specifically designed for those applications.

“Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Green Smoke No. 47, Farrow & Ball: O’Donnell lists rich green shades as a go-to for homeowners in 2021, a nod to nature and its rejuvenating qualities. We are noticing a shift in how color can impact elements such as structural planting in the garden. Darker exterior shades are very flattering to greenery. Think of fencing or brickwork painted in Green Smoke to accentuate flowering plants.” – Top 10 Exterior Paint Color Trends to Try on Your Home in 2021 by Better Homes & Gardens

If you haven’t been introduced to Fine Paints of Europe yet, these paints are especially durable and color-fast, so they’ll help protect your home and keep your attractive new color scheme looking freshly painted for years to come. They offer some of the finest righly colored high-gloss paints.

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