How to Choose the Right Paint Color

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for the Interior of Your Minneapolis Home

Choosing the Primary Paint Color for Your Home’s Interior

Combine several hues of one color or use stunning accents throughout the interior of your home for a harmonious and colorful home. This Lake of the Isles, Minnesota home, the residence of a world-renown artist, makes exquisite use of paint colors throughout the home’s interior. William Nunn Painting’s color expertise has become recognized for its top Twin Cities painting services and proven-to-please paint color choices many times over. With the right background colors in each room, you can paint an accent piece in a bolder color for a fresh on-time sense of home fashion. One of the best ways to update any room in your home is to introduce new color ideas by freshly painted walls and trim.

The right primary paint color gives continuity through a home, but at the same time permits the various rooms to have different personalities. The paint color you choose should reflect the feel you want to have in your home and the individuality of the home’s existing design. Having a rich number of cumulative years painting Twin Cities home interiors, William Nunn’s trained eye and sense of color is seasoned in homeowner tastes, tried and true paint color combinations, and leading knowledge of paint color trends.

The Power of Balanced Paint Colors in Minneapolis Home Interiors

Adding fashionable paint accent colors

We know that choosing the paint color of your home’s interior is a personal matter. Taking into account your home’s design style, your home’s aesthetic appeal, and, naturally, your personal tastes, William Nunn’s professional Minneapolis painters assist homeowners in determining the best color personality when painting your home. You may want some rooms in your home’s interior to be relaxed, stimulating, or balanced; our Minneapolis interior painters have ideas and tips for choosing the perfect palette for your home.

Take a look at this Orono, MN Home’s freestanding kitchen cabinet; the homeowner is super pleased with our color choice.

Color choice does much to establish the ambiance of a room, and its light determines the perception of that color. Choose interior paint based on the mood you want for each particular room. Many Minneapolis homeowners selectively choose bright interior walls to cheer up winter months. Or enjoy the visual examples on our page about the stunning use deep paint colors on your home’s interior walls.

Choose Interior Color Schemes You’ll Love

Prepared to develop a color scheme for your entire home is an impportant step in your painting project. William Nunn Painting will also specify the particular coatings (and primers) which will be most suitable for your project to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Together, we will assess your home’s architectural features, fabric swatches, and room furnishings. If you wish, we can assess your spaces for both positive and negative color attributes. You may want to complement your home’s interior crown molding, arched window treatments, stone in fireplaces, etc., with contrasting paint – lighter or darker

You may start with becoming familiar with current paint color trends, and then make a decision based on what works for you.

When planning a color scheme room-by-room, we typically don’t recommend selecting the paint color first. Instead, before investing in paint, which can be matched to virtually any color, it’s helpful to start your color search with existing room elements, such as furniture, fabrics, tile, or wallpaper. Then base your paint colors on what works well with those elements. This will help to narrow down your color choices.

Each home has different factors to consider when choosing whether to paint with only one or two colors throughout the house, and then mix in other accent colors, or to go bolder.

Lake of the Isles Expert Painting ContractorIf you need answers for complex paint color questions, we can help.

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