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Preparing Surfaces for Painting a Lake of the Isles Home

Preparing Surfaces for Painting Before and After: How Painting Turns Back the Hands of Time Minneapolis exterior painting project before and after examples

Preparing Your Home's Surfaces for Fresh Paint | Before and After Images

Before and After: How Painting Turns Back the Hands of Time

Surface preparation is a demanding process requiring the use of specialized equipment while the work proceeds. We at William Nunn Painting use up to date equipment and methods that comply with current EPA guidelines pertaining to Renovation, Repair and Painting. This protects workers and homeowners from the potentially damaging effects of exposure to lead in old paint, something that young children can be particularly vulnerable to.

In the long run, good paint preparation techniques add years to an exterior paint project.

The journey to obtaining a lasting and beautiful newly painted surface includes considerable and proper preparations before applying the actual paint. While some paint work looks fine enough initially, it may fade, flake or bubble is critical prep work was skipped. Bubbles resulting from localized loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film may have been prevented with initial care. We believe the extra work upfront offers our clients a job that will last longer and save money in the long run.

Add Years to the Life of Your Newly Painted Surfaces

Too often our team of painting experts is called within a few short years after a paint job because it is peeling or another issue has surfaced. Paying close attention to the prep work and use of material used can add years to the life to your finished coat of paint. Our years of experience and truly developing the craft of an excellent paint job, have led us to carefully clean, scrape, fill sand, and prime your wall, so that your paint will adhere correctly. We begin by diagnosing and offering solutions to the problems most likely to have caused your paint to fail prematurely.

Unless the cause is discovered and corrected, the paint problem is likely to reappear and ruin your fresh paint job. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal.

Our Professional Knowledge

Thick coats of paint and dark colors over some surfaces on walls exposed to more intense sunlight tend to blister than often than light colors and thinner paint. We take every aspect into consideration before a single brush stroke of the final coat is every applies.

Applying the paint is the simpler aspect. Creating a sound, fitting, and dry surface for a fresh coat of paint is the more challenging and time consuming part. Our deep understanding and respect for how it influences the end result means that you can count on a successful paint job. Take a look at examples of painted wall finishes by William Nunn.

To learn more, call and request details about how restoring and painting your home protects your homepainting protects your home. Contact William Nunn Painting at 612 825-3875 to schedule your personal consultation with an expert.

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