Painting Victorian Wood Window Trim

Painting wood window trim on Minneapolis Victorian homes
Painting wood window trim on Minneapolis Victorian homes

Painting Victorian Wood Window Trim By Top Historic Home Painting Professionals

Wood windows crafted before 1920 are commonly made of old-growth lumber, which is more decay-resistant. It is remarkably more stable than most lumber used today. This wood, along with the glass and all the windows’ functional parts, can be refurbished. The performance of these old windows and the comfort they provide are unbeatable. They can be enhanced with storm windows and weatherstripping applied in the right areas to make your home snug and comfortable.

The Benefits of Painting Victorian Wood Window Trim

After: William Nunn Painting experts make old wood window trim to look fresh, smooth, and crisp after restoring and painted your Victorian home. We are recognized as Twin Cities’ top historic home painting professionals that do it. Our Minneapolis exterior painting contractors get professional-looking results every time. The result is a seamless window restoration and paint job that leaves your windows with tight joints and no gaps between the wall and casing.

“We take our time, and always double-check our work to meet and surpass client expectations,” says Bill Nunn.

Painting Wood Window Trim On Old And New Homes

Victorian wood windows won’t shrink and expand like newer replacement vinyl windows tend to do.

Whether painting old Victorian wood windows or painting new ones that look old, we make sure the project is completed to the highest standards. Replacement windows are certainly one viable option. However, old wood windows, were built to be repairable, as stated by Fine Home Building. Our exterior home painters are experts at also remedying broken glass on windows, poorly operating sashes, wood damage, worn jambs, and window glazing. Although replacements could be the right answer, don’t discount the idea of repair until you have considered your Victorian windows’ historic value and the quality with which they were built.

Should old wood windows be saved?

The answer is yes – most of the time. It will depend on the type of wood and its current condition.

“If you live in a historic district, you may not have the option of installing replacement windows. If you live elsewhere, however, you may be tempted to ditch the whole preservationist mentality and hop on the vinyl replacement train in hopes of reaping all the green rewards and cash savings of a modern home. Don’t—not without carefully considering your options first. By assessing your existing wood windows and making the right upgrades, you might be able to restore them to rival the performance of a standard replacement — at a fraction of the cost.” – Rob Yagid of Fine Home Building

Top Historic Home Painting Professionals in the Twin Cities

Good news! If your older or historic home still has its original wood windows – you may have a treasure! William Nunn’s 47+ years of experience painting Victorian wood window trim offers homeowners unbeatable performance and comfort.

It’s important to look at the impact window replacements have on the value of Victorian homes and their comfort. It’s difficult to put a definite price tag on those things, but they do affect the payback period. A professional painting contractor’s consultation can be most helpful in assisting your decision.

Many homeowners are unaware of all their options and how affordable repairing and painting historic windows is. A little extra painting prep and finish work before, during, and after the painting project empowers old wood windows to go a long way toward a more energy-efficient home. You can enjoy the pleasures of owning a Victorian home and enjoy airtight windows at the same time. Hire a window-restoration specialist to tackle the job.

Our professional historic painters will assess your existing windows to determine the best upgrades.

Lake of the Isles Expert Painting ContractorWe achieve excellence, have the most-talented painting staff, and use the highest quality materials while maintaining affordable prices. Read to better understand options to paint your wood windows and millwork trim.

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