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Southeast Historic Minneapolis Neighborhood Window

Southeast historic Minneapolis Neighborhood Window painted and chosen for logl

After: This front window is featured as the Southeast Historic Neighborhood window painted and chosen for the logo. Every component - from glass to frame to window insets - is completely renovated and painted to historic standards with today's top quality painting products. Like many other home onwers, this family determined it is better to restore and paint existing windows than to replace them with new.

Restoring and Painting a Southeast Minneapolis Home

William Nunn Painting is your Historical Home Restoration Specialist in Minneapolis. We specialize in the care and restoration of your historical home and have completed many of the Twin Cities finest historical home renovation painting projects. We are Twin Cities certified lead-based paint specialists and the only Minnesota Fine Paints of Europe certified painting contractor. If your historical home is in need of a fresh coat of paint. trust it to William Nunn's skilled staff.

For example, homeowners living on Fifth Street Southeast Historic District in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood of Minneapolis can boast popular 19th-century decor that is in high demand. We offer our painting service to all Minneapolis neighborhoods and cover all types of residential homes.

Your choice of exterior paint colors for Minneapolis historic houses is a very subjective topic. As professionals in this niche, we are familiar with choice colors that fit the Victorian era and where to find them. Color schemes that please some homeowners might give you fresh color ideas. In our experience, some color schemes enhance the look of an historic house more than others.

To learn more, call and request details about how restoring and . Contact us at 612 825-3875 if interested in scheduling your personal consultation.

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