Paint Color Trends or Your Own Curated Paint Color Palette

Paint Color Trends may include vivid or a pale paint color applied to interior walls can showcase your furniture, pictures, or a room's architectural features.

Paint Color of the Year for Interior Wall Surfaces

Every year, eleven shades of paint colors are selected as the favorite for the coming year. While many predict that these color tones will rule in home interiors, other factors have a key influence on your optimal paint color selection.

Blue shades are favored among paint color choices for 2024 if you wish to know what’s occurring in interior paint color trends. While working with many discerning homeowners and interior designers, when selecting a paint color, William Nunn is often called upon for his expertise in selecting the right paint color.

A home’s interior walls and ceilings define your living spaces and deserve a professional interior wall painter.

From light and airy paint color hues to earthier tones, 2024’s trending color predictions serve moods for any room. The practical consideration is that while trends inspire ideas, every homeowner needs to arrive at the color choice that is best for their own home interior spaces. Keep in mind, a color “trend” or “prediction” may not be the best color application for your personal residence.

Select Your Personal Paint Color Favorite Over Trendy Colors
Paint Color Trends or Your Own Curated Paint Color Palette

Color applied to interior walls can showcase your furniture, pictures, or a room’s architectural features.

Both trendy and timeless colors are applied to wall surfaces for a reason: People really like them. But just because it is “trendy” doesn’t mean it is the best selection for your home and unique application.

There are ceiling paint color trends, home exterior paint color choices, and annual trendy paint hues for home interiors announced every year in December. Business offices, residential homeowners, and designers continue to enjoy a fresh range of options for those with an eye for new ideas.

Paint changes color as it dries. This makes working with a seasoned painter all the more valuable. Their experience can help you fine-tune your color inspiration to work with your adjoining wall surfaces, rooms, the style of your home, and find what works best for your daily lifestyle. For example, a pastel color palette for interior walls can be created that aligns with the architectural features of each room.

When a historic home is being renovated and preserved, wall coverings and paint colors are selected to closely match the original color palettes. One example of this approach is explained in “Rebirth of an English Country House: St Giles House.” Herein the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, 39-year-old Nicolas Ashley-Cooper, and co-author Tim Knox invite the reader into the house the family has called home since the fifteenth century. The authors detail their journey of the restoration and discovery process. They explain the decision-making regarding color and design that have garnered awards and recognition.

Paint Color Trends: a Matter of Curiosity and FunInterior paint color transformations by William Nunn Painting

Popular colors in interior design trends are selected for the emotions and atmospheres they create. However, no one knows your home like you.

Following paint color trends can keep us in the know, however, they come and go. Your personal likes are more important. Consider, even if a specific color is not a trend at the moment, it will always be fitting in a space that resonates with your home.

We often start with your building’s fixed elements, such as brick, stonework, tile or flooring when considering colors. These can give clues to a color direction that you might like to see on the large surface areas and relate back to these materials. There are several resouces that we use to make the selection process simpler. A room’s ambient lighting needs to be considered during the day and night; we recommend making dried-down paint color sample cards to move around the room to get a good read of color to help with selection.

Blending paint colors is more important than you might think. We can help you select wall surface choices that are fun, fitting, and create the right ambiance. You can avoid making bland or jarring choices while considering your interior trim, cieling, room accessories, and more.

If you’re considering using bright, colors in your wall applications, decor, or finishes, go for it. Or give yourself permission to use a deep bold color for a rich wall surface. You can start out conservatively painting one or two walls and experiment with how you love it.

Your Home is Where Your Color Favorites are Always on TrendPaint color matching to black interior walls by William Nunn Painting

Below we’ll look at a few top brand selections, but first, these two quotes much align with our experience.

“The color of the year is what your color of the year is.” – Carleton Varney

“The main problem with predicting what will be en vogue is that “trends will change in a few years. If something is really trendy, it’s going to really look dated sooner or later. This potential predicament is reason enough to instead search for colors—and furnishings, for that matter—that you love and feel inspired by. That should be more important than what’s on trend” – Megan Hersch in Why Color Trend Predictions Are Passé

Fine Paints of Europe Color of the Year

The Fine Paints of Europe 2024 Color of the Year is “Van Gogh Yellow” – described as a zesty lemon and is inspired by the golden rays of sunshine that kindled Van Gogh’s soul. He often used this intense color hue to electrify his canvases.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore invites homeowner to indulge in the joy of color with Blue Nova 825.

Their pick is based on suggestions that while today’s greens are still relevant, tastes might be tilting towards soothing blues. You can select from a variety of blues ranging from misty sky-like shades to bolder hues inspired by the seaside.

Farrow&Ball Paint Color Favorites

Farrow&Ball predicts that 2024 is going to be all about warm tones. Color Curator Joa Studholme thinks comforting clay colors are going to be of high interest. Below are the four shades she’s recommending for consideration.

  1. Jitney No.293
  2. Stirabout No.300
  3. Tanner’s Brown No.255
  4. Oxford Stone No.264

Pantone Color of the Year Selection

Pantone’s color experts, beginning in 1999, assess new color influences, from the entertainment industry to fashion, travel destinations, etc. across the world. Influences may also de derived from new technologies, materials, and textures. Color enthusiasts selected “Peach Fuzz” for its 2024 selection.

While interesting, your home is your personal statement, location, purpose, style, and place of daily routines. Willian Nunn will help you assess color presets, color Hex Codes, shades and complementary colors that work best for YOU before making a final recommendation.

William Nunn Painting Services

While booking with you to paint your home or place of business, William Nunn offers guidance with paint color fan decks, finishes, and application methods to help you achieve the results you are seeking. It is a partnership in the restoration or re-decorating of your property.

“Color is about how you feel when you come home. It can create a sense of sanctuary and stimulate a feeling of well-being. Choosing the right paint color for your home’s interior living spaces is a big task. While preparing to paint your interior wall surfaces, we recommend considering your choices room-by-room. When color flows and complements the style of your home, it offers the pleasure that you’ve done right by the house.

The most important thing is to incorporate paint colors that create spaces that feel fresh and relevant to your personal aesthetic preferences or style. For a place to relax and prepare for the next day, focus on hues that reduce stress and anxiety.” – William Nunn

SUMMARY: Taking a Leap with Paint Color Transformations

While paint color trends are fun to explore, selecting paint for your home should be a personal decision. Trendy colors like 2024’s blues, yellows, and warm tones can be inspiring, but your home and lifestyle should guide your choices.

Consider your home’s existing features (like flooring), the mood you want to create, and the way light changes throughout the day. A professional painter can offer invaluable guidance on blending colors, navigating trends, and achieving your desired look. Ultimately, the colors that feel right to you are the right ones for your home.

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