Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet Gains a Paint Upgrade

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet Refurbished with a Paint Upgrade

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet Refurbished with a Paint Upgrade

This stunning tall free-standing cabinet in an Orono, MN home is both visually attractive and extremely functional.

It functions as a two-sided display cabinet, a storage cupboard with doors and adjustable shelves, and helps define interior spaces between the kitchen and living room. This freestanding kitchen cabinet is not only ideal for flexible kitchen upgrade ideas in a large, open-plan space, but it can make smaller kitchens more upscale and offer maximum usability.

On this interior painting project, William Nunn Painting also coordinated project-dependent work with plumbers, tilers, floor finishers, and electrics.

A freestanding kitchen cupboard can be very stylish

Freestanding kitchen-cabinet refinished in-Fine Paints of Europe by William Nunn Painting

In this case, a custom-made bespoke kitchen designer and maker originally installed the piece. When our client purchased this home, they requested our help to create a calmer environment where the paint color scheme flowed between rooms cohesively.

William Nunn was consulted for kitchen cabinet ideas with character and personality. Adding or updating freestanding elements can take a kitchen space from looking functional to fantastic. To determine the best finish for the cabinet we also considered the fireplace wall in the background.

“We started by washing and sanding the existing stained and varnished finish in order to apply a primer and paint. We choose a color from a Farrow and Ball collection ‘Stiffkey Blue’, using Fine Paint of Europe Brilliant high-gloss oil paint applied by brush. With traditional cabinetry, some of the elements can become lost in the background. By separating various kitchen components, this homeowner gained a more unique, personalized look.” – William Nunn

Options for Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes

Orno MN home kitchen painting project

By deliberately calling out unique elements of a home, such as this freestanding cabinet, the countertops, fireplace, or nearby free-standing island can be enhanced with precision to create a stand-alone statement.

However, when curated together the feeling is rich, more personal, and can complement a less formal tone. We used different finishes on nearby entities, some in satin, matte finish, and some in gloss. We mixed up the paint types, too; for example, some were water-borne, and others were solvent-borne or oil-based.

Paint makers refer to finish sheen using various terms, such as flat, matte, satin, gloss, and so on. Our familiarity with different makers’ paints gives us an array of finishes to choose from to create the look we are after.

For example, Farrow and Ball, Fine Paints of Europe, Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore – all vary slightly in the way they reflect light after curing. These differences can work for you if they are coordinated. We chose paint brands carefully, in part; to achieve the end effect the homeowner is seeking. You may be amazed at how these slight nuisances can ultimately influence the end result.

Adds a splash of color to a neutral paint scheme

Freestanding kitchen cabinet upgrade by William Nunn Painting
Freestanding kitchen cabinet upgrade Orno Minnesota home

A freshly applied paint finish to this exceptional freestanding piece offers variety as a counterpoint to the kitchen’s fitted cupboards. The rich paint color tones in this deep blue introduce the colors in the adjoining living room. The homeowner is pleased with the added interest and personality given to this cabinet, as it now aligns better with the home’s overall esthetics and personality. Whether there is a birthday to celebrate, fresh incoming flowers, or a heritage display of glassware or china, it’s ideal to showcase the moment.

“This selection was a result of a larger conversation coordinating the direction of the interior décor throughout the house. This client has many family artifacts and our goal was to create a calming background that serves well in displaying their furnishings and heirlooms.” – William Nunn

If this article inspires ideas for your home, you may be seeking more clarity.

What does a freestanding kitchen cabinet mean?

Generally, the term free-standing freestanding cabinet means a storage element that doesn’t need to be attached to a back wall, although it can be if desired. This category includes not only the cabinets that may introduce a kitchen space but also other modules or adjoining rooms.

In summary, let’s answer one more question.

What Are the Benefits of Painting a Free-Standing Kitchen Cabinet Statement Piece?

  • Flexibility is a key reason for a paint upgrade applied to free-standing kitchen cabinetry
  • Affords homeowners the option of restating a major component of their kitchen décor.
  • An ideal way to add a bold accent color to the kitchen color scheme.
  • It serves as a room divider in homes with open floor plans.
  • Offers unexpected stylish options that express a home’s personality.
  • Unifies a home’s interior design scheme.
  • Highlighting the shelves gives freshness and uniqueness to your home while offering premium display space.
  • Easy for painters to access from all sides and for homeowners to enjoy from multiple angles.

Read more about your options with special paint finishes and when pastel paint colors are best.

Painting your home’s interior elements can be a visual upgrade that impacts the way that you and your guests feel in a space. Homes of distinction love the look of freestanding storage and display cabinetry – they are so lovely and personal. To visually upgrade or create a freestanding kitchen cabinet for your home, call for a free consultation about choosing a new paint color for your cabinetry.

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