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Renovating A Minneapolis Historic Home

Renovating a Minneapolis historic home

Before: Renovating a Minneapolis historic home. This photo allows you to take a look at the home before William Nunn Painting Contractors begin restoring the original cedar siding.

Many a home buyer chooses a Minneapolis historic home when they find one of the perfect size for their needs on the market, and they love the craftsmanship and architectural detail that is worth restoring. There is a certain pride that distinguishes such homeowners as they endeavor to restore older buildings using quality masons and materials that live up to the quality standards of the original home builder.

Take for example, just how carefully the exterior wall surfaces of this home were protected when it was built. We know how to transform this home’s exterior into an eye-catching presence in your Twin Cities neighborhood.

Newer Homes Often Lack the Same Architectural Details and QualityNewer Homes Often Lack the Same Architectural Details and Quality

This home was an architectural gem just waiting for someone to come along who could see how exceptionally it was build. Known for an era of using bold colors and multiple color schemes, they hired us to come up with the right plan. The family who now lives in the home recognized that both the home’s interior spaces and exterior walls needed updating but wanted to respect its original design plan. Corner casing trim is a common detail of historic homes. They were used as a decorative embellishment in Victorian era styles in the Twin Cities, as well as functional in protecting a home.

They asked us to help bring the home's exterior into this current century without sacrificing the spirit of its Victorian design. The result is a sensitive interpretation of the original architectural character that allows the family to live efficiently and comfortably, knowing that their home is protected by a fresh coat of paint.

Ornamental supports, usually of wood or pressed metal, were often used. A number of older homes feature stunning bay widows which add to a building number of walls and corners to protect. Before we ever apply new paint, each area is carefully prepared and treated to maintain its quality features and so that the applied paint will adhere correctly, last a long time, and look stunning.

We may be able to help you track down historic photos of your home, or least, a similar home with the same architectural details. It is highly rewarding to carry out a Victorian home renovation painting project or home addition and keep the original aesthetics throughout.

Minneapolis Historic Homes that Deserve a Professional Painter

William Nunn has written several articles for the national Handyman magazine and is widely recognized by Minneapolis metro home designers for his keen eye and painting expertise. You'll find that if you hire William Nunn Painting for your next home renovation project, his exhaustive and authoritative knowledge will be to your keen advantage.

Whether you are just wanting a painting touch-up for the shutters on your home, luxury interior wall finishes, or wishing to refinish your home’s woodwork, we make sure every project adds to the aesthetic value of your Minneapolis historic home.

Don’t trust your historic building to just any Minneapolis painting contractor. We have over eleven years of experience and handyman craftsmanship prepping painted surfaces to restore your home to the best it can be. At more than one point, while we were restoring a home along Summit Ave, a bystander was so impressed with the work being done that they sent a message to the homeowner about the crew and how well the work was going.

Contact us today for a free assessment and budget estimate for restoring your newly purchased historic home. 612 825-3875

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