510 Groveland Minneapolis Front Entry Refinishing

510 Groveland Minneapolis Painted by William Nunn Painting

510 Groveland Minneapolis Painted by William Nunn Painting

The exciting historic 510 Groveland building project objective

One of the more delightful projects to come along in a long time has been our work at the 510 Groveland building here in Minneapolis. This fine brick and stone structure was built in 1927 as a residence hotel, and in 1946 converted to a cooperative that continues to this day to be the premier location for those wanting an elegant city home with all the beauty of the period, and modern amenities.

William Nunn Painting was asked to bid on this project for the 510 Groveland building in Minneapolis and completed the initial painting in the late fall of that year.

The project was moved forward after an awning had been damaged by a tall truck and would need to be repaired. In the following summer, after repairs were made, our painting team was back, and added the gold accents that set off details of the covered entry at the front of the building.

Painted Porte Cochere 510 Groveland Building Entrance

Painted Porte Cochere 510 Groveland Building Entrance

The covered entry or “porte cochere” is appreciated for providing shelter from rain and inclement weather. The special lighting built into the ceiling illuminates the entry at night. There is a center fixture on one circuit, and four other lamps that illuminate with an additional switch. After cleaning the metal and glass, we painted using Benjamin Moore satin enamel in black and gold accents from Modern Masters. This was a DTM oil base paint.

The white ceiling was primed and painted in oil based paint also.

The fans and rosettes received the gold paint accents. The entry doors were painted in gold with warm silver accents. This has created a facade that better reflects the atmosphere of the building and the interior apartments. We have worked on many of these apartments over the years.

Paint and Finishing Color Consultation

Architecture Details of Elegance at 510 Groveland

Our work at William Nunn Painting Ltd. has focused on a variety of projects at 510 Groveland.

These include:

  • Specialized painting requests by individual apartment owners.
  • Aspects of the remodeling of several individual apartments.
  • Color consultation and painting of the common areas of the main entrance, lobby and offices.
  • Painting of the porte cochère and front doors.
  • Finishing of newly replaced windows throughout the building.
  • Additional home repairs, including plaster, to individual apartments whenever called for.
  • We’ve also completed some elements that involved wood finishing and restoration.
  • Wallpaper installation.

Architecture Details of Elegance at 510 Groveland

Architecture Details of Elegance at 510 Groveland

Working in this building requires respect for the architecture and atmosphere of elegance that the building embodies, as well as care and concern for the many delightful people who live and work here. This is not difficult for our crew of craftsmen as we all enjoy the challenge of preserving and enhancing the quality of life that older buildings offer – this in a city that is all too focused on replacement and renewal wherever possible.

The fans and rosettes received the gold paint and this has distinguished the look of this metal facade to better reflect the quality of the building and interiors of the common spaces and apartments, many of which we have worked on over the years also. We specialize in both Minneapolis exterior painting and custom interior work. It is a special privilege to work on some of the Twin Cities’ top historical buildings that hold their real estate value and the public’s interest.

The image on the right shows the detail prior to our cleaning and painting work began.

A bit of history

The original architect of the 510 Groveland building was Morris T. Baker who designed it to be one of the Twin Cities finest luxury hotels. Even though it was built in the 1920s, work today must align with its original architectural features. It is located in the stately Loring Hill district of Minneapolis.

Founded in 1985, 510 Groveland Associates is a cooperative association that carries the responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the building and the associated surrounding property. Decision-makers at 510 Groveland continue to make informed decisions about how to best proceed with infrastructure improvements that will take this property into the next century.

William Nunn’s contribution leans on his skills to keep a point of connection to the building’s cherished history. His years of expertise working on prominent buildings of historical significance, is helping to maintain the historical association that this 1920’s building is renowned for.

The building and the location it occupies create a remarkable gem in the City of Minneapolis. It anchors the downtown atmosphere as a storied touchstone that holds its own as the activity of the city moves all around it. As craftsmen working on the premises, it is a joy to hear the church tower bells next door announcing the time of day.

We find that thorough prep work lays the right foundation for a successful project. Our work is meant to last for a long time. We strive to meet and exceed client expectations. Every day the residents and staff at 510 Groveland were and continue to be a delight to interface with. We value and learn from their many comments and compliments.

Ongoing Groveland Historic Building Renovations and Upkeep

Ongoing Groveland Historic Building Renovations and UpkeepIn the following summer, after repairs were made, we teamed up again for more work to the black, and added the gold accents that set off details of the metalwork, tying it to the gold door at the front of the building.

The 510 Groveland managers provide 24/7 concierge service and a restaurant and bar on the first floor. Some residents say that living here offers a taste of Manhattan in Minneapolis. City residents and guests can enjoy a meal at the newly opened PS Steakhouse on-site, free valet parking, and take in the significance and beauty of this historic place in the heart of the city.

“This was a fun project to do – the repair and repainting of the front entry to a majestic Minneapolis building.” William Nunn

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