Painting Millwork Trim on Victorian Home

Restoring exterior envelope of Victorian home
Restoring exterior envelope of Victorian home

Painting Millwork Trim On Victorian Home Near Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

Painting Millwork Trim Around Windows

William Nunn Painting restored these beautiful crafted Victorian and classic millwork trim around windows, screen doors, spandrels, corbels, brackets, gable ends, wood carved ornaments, and more are all meticulously restored and painted by William Nunn exterior painting contractors. His company often prefers Fine Paints of Europe or Benjamin Moore historical color selection for interior and exterior paints. Higher quality paints justify the higher costs by saving money over time and are highly rated for durability by Consumer Reports.

William Nunn is known by clients for his exceptional eye to recognize beautiful paint colors combinations that perfect the look homeowners choose. Whether you are looking to craft a paint design with pastel colors, or the deep, rich colors of famous Victorian ere homes, it’s important to align with the character of your home, neighborhood, as well as personal preferences. We also repair or replace wood screens for windows and doors, covering all aspects of painting the millwork trim around windows of Victorian homes. Darker and highly saturated paint colors are some of the most popular and most traditional with Victorian-style homes. Traditionally quite dark, olives, browns, greens, richer red tones, and maroon were all quite common.

Painted Millwork Trim On Victorian Home
Painted Millwork Trim On Victorian Home

Painting Millwork And Architectural Ornamentation

Painting Victorian millwork window trim and architectural ornamentation can preserve your home for generations to come, with a home that speaks proudly of its historical value. We love the beauty of luxurious, natural wood millwork; white-painted millwork is timeless and classic. No matter how large or small your painting project is, our painting experts will help bring your vision to life whether it comes from drawings, existing moldings on your Victorian home, or your own creativity. William Nunn strives for excellence, with a passion for your final outcome and complete satisfaction. From preparing the Victorian millwork to hold paint better to proper maintenance and upkeep for years after completing the painting project, all your painting needs will be covered.

Owners Love How their Victorian Home is Renewed By Exterior Paint Work

Exterior paint work on Victorian homes often paid the highest price uf aging.

After: Completing the renovation work on this historic Minneapolis home restoration project. This newly painted Victorian home is now the pride of its homeowners and neighborhood. Thanks to the development of the steam-powered scroll saw and lathe, pleasing Victorian elements for a home became more affordable, accessible, and nearly ubiquitous through the late 19th century. The sheer magnitude of knowledge a painting project like this benefits from is easy enough for our passionate and dedicated Minneapolis exterior painting professionals. This house was grossly neglected for over 50 years and the exterior paid the highest price of all. There is much of the exterior that is too rotted to save and will have to replicated/restored before any paint can be applied.

Painted Victorian Homes by William Nunn Painting include restored millwork.
Painted Victorian Homes by William Nunn Painting include restored millwork.
Painting Victorian Homes With Colors that Complement the Victorian Period

Painting the Millwork trim on Victorian homes is a perfect way to highlight its articheture and fine historic details.

Victorian house plans, whether a smaller single-family home or the larger grand homes of Summit Avenue, often feature a multitude of bays and roof elements at varying heights. Every opportunity to add Victorian decoration is taken, with gables and elaborate window brackets, wooden scrollwork, or bargeboards under the eaves that capture the uniqueness of each historic home. Victorian homes are traditionally painted in exuberant color schemes.

William Nunn Painting experts will help homeowners select the right paint color to please their tastes and that fit within the Victorian home era.

Even when the damage to the previous paint application is pretty extensive, we usually find Victorian home’s to be of a wooden structure that is well worth the restoration and paintwork at hand. Many times the paint was actually holding much of the house together, protecting it within the envelope of paint from Minnesota weather. We are experts at coming up with creative solutions to fix what is needed before beginning the actual paint applications. Subtle design elements throughout the home’s exterior and interior deserve the finest of workmanship. Historic Victorian homes of the Twin Cities are prized; proud owners find them worth the time and cost of bringing the home back to life. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology and modern conveniences for today’s busy lifestyle is blended perfectly into the home’s historic character.

Choosing your exterior paint color for your historic houses is a subjective topic. Color schemes that please some people might not fit the personal taste of others, so it helps to know what the best fit is historically and what color schemes have proved successful over time. As subjective and personal issue as this topic is, however, it is clearly some color schemes enhance the look of a historic house while others can make a house appear misaligned or over the top. We help our clients feel confident about their choice of paint color.

Painting Within A Scheduled Timeframe That Works for the Homeowner

The fact of the matter is that the windows and door frames are often the most distinctive elements of a Victorian home, and add much to the look of the exterior of the house. While sometimes it is most efficient if they are removed, cleaned, repaired, and then painted before replacing, William Nunn makes every effort to schedule work at your convenience and moves all projects at a dedicated pace. We do what is necessary to accomplish to ensure that the end painting work meets and exceeds your expectations.

the most talented painting staff and use the highest quality materialsWe know client loyalty is hard-won and should never be taken for granted. We strive for excellence, seeking the most talented painting staff and use the highest quality materials while maintaining affordable prices. Read more about how restoring and painting your home protects your home. Contact William Nunn Painting by calling 612 825-3875 to schedule a consultation.