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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter

Beat Professional Painters Minneapolis, MN Beat Professional Painters Minneapolis, MN Beat Professional Painters Minneapolis, MN

Every Aspect of a Paint Job Counts

Painting you house, whether it’s your home’s interior wall surfaces or the exterior, is rewarding when we assess the beautiful results upon competition together. Accomplishing a durable paint job - that looks professional, beautiful, and protects the value of your home - is our passion.


While this is a partial list, we find our work rewarding as we see what our client gain.

1. Professional Painting Minimize Time Waste

Often a homeowner starts up with the ability to dedicated time to the project but ends up somewhere in the middle of a paint project needing to focus on their primary duties. As dedicated Twin Cites painting professionals, we focus on the task at hand and complete the job without delays. The typical homeowner working a full-time job may take on average, up to a month to complete an exterior paint job (depending on the size and scope of the project). As request come up from such homeowners, some find that one out of five homeowners who attempt do-it-yourself paint jobs end up hiring a professional to complete the painting project.

2. A Professional Painter that is Well-Insured

In the unlikely event that something goes amiss with the paint job, as professional painters, we are covered by insurance and can make things right. However, as professionals, we are experienced and have the right staging equipment to avoid such events in the first place. The majority of all ladder accidents involve falls from step ladders, from 2’ to 6’ high. We know where to exercise caution that pays off and ensures a success painting project without worry of injury.

3. A Professional Painter Reduced Repeat Work

In theory, painting is easy. Reality is another matter, however. A top-quality painting project requires technique skills, the proper tools, and the best type of paint to accomplish a professional-quality paint job.

4. Years of Tried and True Experience = Quality Painting

We dedicated our professional life to fine-tuning our painting process, accruing the right tools for achieving a quality paint job, take time where needed and eliminate excess time many unfamiliar with the work flow need to figure things out. If an individual homeowner were to purchase the same high-quality supplies and equipment that we use, it may be cost prohibitive for one job.

5. The Best Tools of the Painting Trade

Down to the use of which paint brushes for certain types of paint, painting tasks, and for certain aspects of your painting project make a big difference in the end result. As professional painters, we know the best brushes, rollers to use, or when to spray paint. Another factor we find is that an amateur painter may not comprehend the importance of using certain types of paint in certain areas of their home. We eliminate any such concerns from becoming an issue.

6. It “Looks” and “Is” a Professional Paint Job

In the end, you will stand back and be able to visually tell that it both looks and is a professional paint job. While the eye may not perceive the intricacies that went into the job, it can quickly appreciate a professional job done with our expertise. For example, wherever taping is needed, it is done expertly with clean and crisp lines that let your home’s features stand out. We enjoy knowing just what problems to avoid and best practices to apply – so that you have a beautifully painted home that is protected from the elements.

Using a professional to complete both interior and exterior paint projects is a wise choice.

The challenging elements of a paint job are standard procedure for each one of our trained professional painters. We are dedicated painting enthusiasts that enjoy the expertise of implementing the tricks of the painting trade. For your convenience, here is a list of our Twin Cities Professional Painting Services

Minneapolis house painters protect your homeWe welcome an opportunity to show you examples of our work. Read more about our experience as a Minneapolis professional painting company. We can find several client reviews here. Contact Bill Nunn by calling 612 825-3875 and schedule a consultation.

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